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$9 SEO group coaching membership for course students and folks looking for SEO help. Designed to provide high quality group coaching, constructive feedback and access to Leanne at a low cost.

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Designed for course students or folks looking to get high quality group coaching, SEO feedback and access to Leanne at a low cost. We have 2 x LIVE group coaching calls every month and you can get feedback on course homework, and get Leanne's eyes and thoughts on your website, keywords, content and SEO situation. Includes a private students-only facebook group to get daily support.

Show up to get some SEO done, learn a little and have fun!

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Don't go at it alone.

Doing SEO alone can be quite intimidating and sometimes you can stuck with an SEO challenge that stops you in your tracks. This is often why SEO takes too long. You could be waiting months for results without knowing whether you're doing the right optimizations or not.

This SEO group coaching membership with Leanne aims to help business owners get UNSTUCK and move forward in their SEO process with high quality SEO group coaching, at a low cost.

Plus, these supplementary SEO materials.

A new SEO Knowledge Base with easy and practical knowledge articles to get quick SEO help, and clarify complex topics such as Technical SEO, Google Analytics 4 and Google Search Console. You'll also have access to replays of SEO Nugget & Nudge classes.

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Leanne Wong
Leanne Wong

Leanne Wong is a SEO coach and course instructor, and has taught over 5,600+ entrepreneurs and bloggers how to successfully market and grow their brand online.

Why I built this membership

I built this membership with my course students in mind who have enrolled in one or more of my courses like Keyword Research Fundamentals, SEO Copywriting Fundamentals, SEO Traffic Guide: 0 to 100K, and SEO Demystified. So that they can get feedback on implementation and do SEO more effectively.

We also welcome people who are not course students, and are looking for coaching support to clarify questions and do better SEO.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I access the membership?
You get access to the membership instantly after you enroll.
How long do I have access to the membership?
You have monthly access to the membership for as long as you are an active paying member.
Do you offer refunds?
The monthly membership fee is non-refundable. You can cancel anytime by logging into your Teachable account and cancel your subscription.

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